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   When we think about Senior Care we automatically think about a nursing home or retirement facility, but more and more people are turning to in home care services so their loved ones can stay at home, be more independent, in control and still have quality social interaction. Also when we think about who benefits from such a service we assume that it's always the person that is receiving care. We almost never consider that the caregiver is rewarded in any other way than what she is paid.

   We at Visiting Angels of Northwest Chicago hire the best caregivers possible. Our Angels are our clients aid in memory, hearing, sight and strength, while our clients are our Angels wisdom. “there is nothing more rewarding than hearing a good story”, says the director, Katherine Georges. Our clients have wonderful stories to tell and we hire caregivers that listen and appreciate all of their memories. We do our best to match our clients needs in care, schedule and character to ensure both client and caregiver hit it off.

   The director of Visiting Angels of Northwest Chicago, Katherine Georges says “I really wanted to make a difference in peoples lives” after taking care of my cancer stricken husband who passed away three years ago. “I understand my clients perspective and where they are coming from” she says. My husband had cancer for a year and a half. I had to take care of him and all of his needs when he was released from the hospital. It was very hard working full time and having to worry about how he was doing at home without me”. I was grateful for any kind of help given, such as cooking or offering to help clean. I had to take off of work the last two weeks of his life. Watching him deteriorate and die was the hardest thing I had to endure. Respite care is one of the services Visiting Angels of Northwest Chicago provides.

   Visiting Angels of Northwest Chicago is driven by strong principles. Our core value system is founded on integrity, honesty and compassion. “We only hire caregivers that we would allow into our own home to care for our own loved ones”says Katherine Georges.

Quick Facts

  • Personalized Service System
  • Client Interviews and Selects Own Caregiver
  • Insured and Bonded
  • Hippa Compliant
  • Client is in Charge
  • Pre-Employment Screening

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