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Paramus Security is the premier security company serving the borough of Paramus, NJ and surrounding cities. We set ourselves apart by hiring off duty and retired police officers with the authority, training, and experience to be armed and ready for any threat to our customers. The officers are carefully screened and placed on a job by job basis ensuring the right officers are working the right events ensuring the highest standards and customer satisfaction is met. The Officers are all trained through the New Jersey Police Academy and received continued training through their Departments. We staff only experienced officers with a wide range of talents and background. Anything from school resource officers, Detective / Investigators, special tactics operators, traffic officers, former and current military all bring together a team of experience that is rarely able to compete with us. We pair officer characteristics with the type of event they have been asked to work. We have officers specifically paired by children’s events, worship services, daycare/community centers, special events, lay off / removing an employee, information security, airport security services, domestic investigation and security, DUI case review, physical and personal security review, emergency vehicle operation, personal and executive protection. We are often hired and frequently work house parties, private parties, office buildings, community centers, places of worship (such as churches, temples, synagogues, etc), and sporting events but we can cater to the client’s needs. Prior to booking your next security job check what qualifications the guard has that will be coming to your event.


Anyone familiar with New Jersey law understands it is very restrictive in order to carry a firearm in the state. That is why at Paramus Security we hire only law enforcement which are authorized to carry in all 50 States according to H.R. 218, further more at this time all of our staff are employed or retired under the State of New Jersey and therefore hold authority through the State. This ensures we always maintain the highest standards in our staff because they are and will always be certified under the law and their training and experience are constantly improving and getting better through their respective departments. We also maintain a strict ethical and integrity code as we will never accept a client or a job that violates those standards. The staff we hire are professionals that do this for a living, so we maintain a high ethical standard on what jobs we do and how we do them. Hiring us means you are hiring the best to not only maintain your security but will also maintain and bolster your reputation. The worst thing we see as a company is hiring low wage workers with no training, experience, or education and expecting them to fill your security needs.


    Children’s events


    Worship services




    Community centers


     Special events


    Lay off / removing an employee


    Information security


    Airport security services


    Domestic investigation and security


    DUI case review


    Physical and Personal security review


    emergency vehicle operation


    Personal  Protection


    Sporting Events

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