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Imagine having healthy, fresh, delicious meals hand delivered daily to your door! No more food prepping, grocery shopping, or worrying about portion control. Paleo Delivers brings you three Gourmet Paleo meals and two snacks fresh to your door daily!


All meals and snacks adhere to the Paleo Diet's guidelines, are perfectly portioned, calorie controlled and created to help you lose weight.


Paleo Delivers is ideal for working professionals with the meals delivered every day to your doorstep the evening before your next day's meals.




Established in 2013.


Paleo Delivers is like having a personal chef preparing your every meal and snack. Our Kitchen Staff works tirelessly to develop and prepare the absolute best gourmet Paleo Meals and snacks in all of Southern California.


We allow our clients to customize their meals with up to 6 dietary restrictions included. If you are allergic or really don't like a certain food, don't worry we can make sure that it isn't included on your menu!


In addition, we can customize your meal plan to meet your daily needs. If you are someone who only needs meals on the weekdays, we can do that. Just let us know and we will be more than happy to make it happen.

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